Cow’s life is changed forever when a loving family accepts her as their own

 Is man’s best friend a dog, or is it something else? What if man’s best friend was actually a cow? This is true for a couple who befriends a cow that’s simply irresistible to love.

Adopted cow

 This unique couple, who started the Life With Pigs animal sanctuary, has friendships with these animals that most people would never have. Even serving in some critical roles.

This animal sanctuary doesn’t just have pigs. As it turns out, the most significant animal here is a cow named Jenna. She is truly man’s best friend in this heartwarming story.

Cow with owner

Born a twin cow on a large-scale dairy farm, Jenna wasn’t fertile and therefore was no use to the dairy operation. Her luck was changed when she was brought to the Life With Pigs Sanctuary.

Life With Pigs animal sanctuary owners completely fell in love with Jenna. They began to treat her more as a human rather than a cow. Jenna feels like she’s a part of their family.

Cow with owner

Having a close relationship with her owners, Jenna has had unique opportunities that most cows would never have. She even walked the couple down the aisle at their wedding!

 It’s absolutely heartwarming; it’s great to see how cows can be so affectionate and accept love from humans. Jenna provides this family with an irreplaceable companion, serving more purposes than just agriculture.

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