Cop pays for little girl’s donuts — her ‘Thank You’ note wows entire police department


 Have you ever seen the film “Pay it Forward?” Trevor, the protagonist in the story, is challenged by his social studies teacher to come up with a plan that will possibly change the world for the better.

Trevor calls his plan “pay it forward” and it works when someone does a good deed to a person, and the recipient of the good deed will do the same to another, until it becomes a cycle that is being passed on.

While this film is a work of fiction, things like these actually happen in real life. In one doughnut shop, a cop, unsurprisingly, is in line to pay for his order.

Ahead of State Trooper Chad Savannah is 9 year-old Brooke who is also waiting in line to buy some doughnuts, until she discovers that she didn’t have enough money.


 This is a common scenario – sometimes we forget the amount of money that we have in our wallet, and when we’re faced in such situation, we freeze and couldn’t decide if we cancel the order or try to look for more money in our pockets in hopes that something magically appears.


“I was standing in line and I didn’t have enough money and I’m like, frozen. I didn’t know what to do.” Brooke said.

Upon seeing Brooke’s situation, State Trooper Chad Savannah immediately offered to place her bill on his. Surprised and overwhelmed with what happened, like a typical child would do, Brooke ran off the store after getting her doughnuts. However, the story doesn’t end here.

After calming herself, Brooke decided to write a thank you letter addressed to their local police department. Attached along with the letter is a $10 bill which covers what she technically owes the unknown police officer.

 State Trooper Savannah receives the letter and together with his colleagues, is moved by the girl’s gesture. They were so moved that they decided to collect some money to buy a $50 gift card from Toys R Us to be given to Brooke.


Brooke’s response to their gift surprised the police officers. Instead of buying toys for herself, she decided to buy gifts with the card to be donated to Toys for Tots which is a program for children whose parents cannot afford to buy them toys during Christmas.

Because of yet again another selfless gesture by Brooke, the police officers wanted to give her a treat – they gave her a full tour of their police station. According to Brooke, the best part of the tour was getting the chance to sit in the squad car.


Brooke’s parents are also proud to say that they didn’t have any influence on her decisions on how to respond to what happened to her, but they did make sure that they raise Brooke in such a way that her kindness is always manifested in everything that she does.

This wonderful story is not just Brooke’s story, but it’s also State Trooper Chad Savannah’s. It’s story of a heartwarming exchange of gestures being paid forward. Who knows how far your kind gesture will go? If only we always keep in mind the importance of kindness and putting others before us.

Watch the video below and see why these two made this world a better place just with a simple gesture of kindness.

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