Because lions wanted to take a stroll down the street, drivers are delayed in gridlock.


 A traffic delay is not the ideal way to begin your day. Except for these lucky drivers, being in a car with all the honking and shouting is never fun. They were on their way home when the road was suddenly blocked by a magnificent entrance. Everything took place in South Africa. The majestic beauty of four lions going down the tarmac in the rain astounded the throng waiting at the Kruger National Park.

These cats are members of the Mantimahle males, a close-knit lion pride well-known in Kruger. The drivers were terrified and surprised, and they were unable to pass these ferocious felines. All they could do was take pictures of the scene with their cameras.

While some may think this is a common sight in Africa, it was actually a once-in-a-blue-moon sight. The social media was a whirlwind of worries and joy. One of the spectators commented, “Lions strolling down a concrete road just seems awful given they are losing their home.”

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