73-Year-Old Elephant is Heard Crying as She’s Rescued From 50 Years of Maltreatment


The elephant is the world’s largest land animal. They are exceptionally smart creatures. With the largest brain of any other land animal and three times much more neurons then humans, elephants have demonstrated their impressive mental capabilities over the time.

Life full of pain

One beautiful elephant who is around 76 today, endured the worst his whole life. According to the news it’s assumed the elephant was captured and the masters forced him to learn to beg for money on the streets. This elephant spent 50 year in captivity. Not always in cage, but not in freedom too. His owners were constantly changing as he has been sold and resold for 50 years. They all treated him poorly and forced him to work all the time.

It got to a point where the elephant could not take anymore. It didn’t have the strength to keep going. That’s when his owners decided to execute him.

Rescue mission

Luckily the rescue workers at the park heard about the plan before it happened. They arrange the elephant’s rescue and instead of being killed the elephant was rescued. According to their reports, the elephant was blind and deaf. His legs were bound in spiked chains that left him with chronic wounds. He was also beaten, so he was in lot of pain.

Rescuers took care of him on the big journey to his better life. There was the vet team also who was so gentle to the elephant so he can gain trust. Even he looked very hungry, he couldn’t eat anything as the suspense was too much- they said. They were caring for her injuries all along the way.

When they finally arrived at the park, the elephant carefully reached out of the truck to smell his new home. While sending low rumbles, tears start running down his face. The elephant was not the only one crying. Emotions overcame rescuers who witnessed all of that happening. So, it looked like the elephant was aware that he was free at last.

What the elephant really deserves

After the elephant felt safe and lived to see heart- warming beginning manage to settled in well. People from the park witness how the elephant would leave her enclosure and go straight to the river. He quickly started to wander the property and explore the place. His favorite spot was the mud pit, and even blind he exactly knew where to find it.

Animals shouldn’t be tourists attraction

Unfortunately, this elephant’s story is not completely unique. All over the world elephants endure cruelty at the hands of businesses. Fortunately, there are brave individuals who have dedicated their lives to protect animals and save them. 


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