Mom Straps Baby in Carseat & Tosses Her Out Second-Story Window Just Seconds Before Taking Her Final Breaths. A True Hero.


Mom Straps Baby in Carseat & Tosses Her Out Second-Story Window Just Seconds Before Taking Her Final Breaths. A True Hero.

It’s incredible what becoming a mother does to your intuition.

Your awareness is heightened, your connection to another human being is something that can’t be described, and above all else, you’ll do anything to keep your child safe.

That couldn’t be more true for a Wyoming, Illinois, mother whose quick thinking and love for her daughter saved her 12-day-old baby’s life this week. Those in her community as well as across the country are calling 21-year-old mother Shelby Ann Carter a hero.

It was on the day after her 21st birthday when she, unfortunately, d.i.e.d in a house fire. It was a house where she lived with her mother, daughter, and fiancé.

Shelby was on the second floor when the fire broke out. There was no way for her to get out of the room and she had her 12-day-old daughter, Keana Davis with her. That is when she made a decision that saved her daughter’s life.

She broke out the second-story window, strapped the baby into a car seat, and threw her onto a pile of debris outside. It was a moment in time that she obviously thought she was doing what she had to do and she managed to save her daughter’s life in the process.

Unfortunately, Shelby d.i.e.d in the fire and although her actions were heroic, they aren’t really sure why she didn’t follow her out of the window.

On January 30, firefighters received a call about a house fire. By the time first responders got to the home, which Shelby shared with her mother, the 21-year-old was deceased in a second-story bedroom. She d.i.e.d from carbon monoxide poisoning.

They were surprised to find her baby wasn’t with her.

The infant, Keana Davis, was found on top of a pile of debris, safely strapped into her carseat. She had been dropped from a second story window that Shelby broke to save her daughter’s life.

Even in the most life-threatening circumstances, and with an incredibly limited amount of time, Shelby had the presence of mind to quickly strap her into the carseat.

Carter was a recent graduate of high school, back in 2014. She was studying to be a pharmacy technician and they found her body on the second floor of the home, obviously overcome from smoke inhalation.

One of her childhood friends, Anna Steelman described her as being maternal and caring. She couldn’t believe when she heard about the fire.

She also was not surprised about her quick thinking, describing her as being task-oriented when she was growing up. She had a plan and she followed through with it.

Her uncle, Jesse Hardy will remember her as being a strong young woman that was quite mature for her age. He said: “I was actually living with my sister when Shelby was born so she has been a part of my life for a very long time. I know a lot of people are calling her a hero, but to those of us who knew her, she was just being Shelby. There are people in this world who are caretakers. That’s who she was.”

Friends and family of the young mom are mourning the loss of their loved one, whose greatest joy was motherhood.

Her aunt Kathy Carter said, “Shelby was so proud of this beautiful baby girl.”
The community has come alongside the Carter family and their “Beautiful Miracle” by setting up a GoFundMe page to help them rebuild and care for their newest little family member. They have been overwhelmed by the support they’ve received. In just over a week, their $40,000 goal was already exceeded.

Our prayers are with Shelby’s family as they mourn the loss of this warrior mama bear whose final act proved just how great her love was for her baby girl. ❤️

See more from Shelby’s heroic story in the CNN video below:

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