Man saves younger brother’s rent payments for heartwarming surprise


In a heartwarming home movie, a man surprises his younger brother with a downpayment on a new house. The younger brother was brought to tears when he realized that the money came from the rent he’d been paying his big brother.

Todd Burkemper 

 Todd Burkemper and his brother Alex are seen in this video when Todd is about to confess to his brother. Alex does not know what is going on at first. Still, when he finds out, he is brought to tears.

Alex moved in with his older brother Todd long before the video. During this time, Todd requested Alex to pay rent while staying under his roof. Todd kept it a secret, but he was not spending Alex’s money.


Todd put Alex’s money in a savings account and added some of his own money to the account as well. This generous act created a nice little nest egg for Alex over the years. But he never mentioned anything to Alex.

In the video, Todd finally confesses to Alex and shows him the funds in the bank on his telephone screen. Alex does not understand why his brother is showing him this account, and then Todd confesses where the money came from.


When Alex hears that Todd was saving it for him to use it as a downpayment on Alex’s dream house, he breaks down in tears. All he could do was to walk over and hug his brother while crying tears of happiness.

Their parents bear witness to the whole scene, and they too were overwhelmed by emotion. Viewers can hear the proud dad commending the boys on their love for one another in what could only be described as an incredible moment for any father.

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