Disabled and without money, he desperately calls the police: they bring him food and candles

Imagine living alone, in complete poverty, being disabled and discovering that you are suddenly left without electricity and unable to pay the electricity bill to be able to restore it; a truly sad fate that in recent times is increasingly befalling people who are unable to make ends meet. Like the sixty-year-old protagonist of this story of despair, who was forced to call the police station for help, when he was in need of food and light ...

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This incredible story of poverty takes place near Sassari, a city in Italian Sardinia, when a 60-year-old man, indigent and also suffering from a disability because he was almost blind, was forced to use the 112 emergency number to call the police force of the Carabinieri for help because his electricity was suddenly cut off; the sixty-year-old man in economic difficulty begged the Sassari law enforcement agency to come to his rescue because he didn't have the money to pay the electricity bill, he had no food in the refrigerator and, since he was suffering from partial blindness, he at least needed candles to see at night.

The Italian police obviously understood the situation of enormous difficulty and great poverty the man was left in, and so they hurried to reach his house, which was rather isolated in the Sardinian countryside, and provided him with candles as well as some food to feed himself. A truly generous and also unexpected gesture.

image: Pxhere/Not The Actual Photo

When the mayor of the Sardinian town where the destitute man lives was informed of the state of his sixty-year-old fellow citizen, he immediately contacted the social services system so that the disabled man could be supported and helped in the most appropriate way. The Carabinieri, for its part, stated that the gesture made in the emergency situation, despite being guided by empathy and solidarity, is often not enough to solve the deeper problem: "Simple gestures, unfortunately, are not always decisive, but the Carabinieri are always ready to take an active part in the face of community problems."

Fortunately, the big hearts of these law enforcement officers saved this man from despair and we are all extremely grateful to them!

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