Couple Finally Welcomes Their Beloved Son after 13 Years, 8 M.i.s.carriages and One S.t.i.l.l.b.i.r.t.h


Couple who suffered eight m.i.s.carriages and a s.t.i.l.l.b.i.r.t.h during 13 years of trying for a baby reveal they’ve welcomed a ‘miracle’ son just days before Christmas

A delighted couple have welcomed a beautiful baby boy just in time for Christmas after 13 years of trying to get pregnant.

Carissa Morris, 33, and her husband Dave, 32, welcomed their “miracle” Oliver on December 17.

After a heartbreaking eight m.i.s.c.a.r.r.i.a.g.e.s and suffering the s.t.i.l.l.b.i.r.t.h of a little girl, the Australian couple finally fell pregnant in April after one round of ICSI IVF.

Oliver was born at a healthy 6lb 7oz.

‘We tried for years and years naturally to have a baby, we did originally conceive quite a few times, but we just had multiple miscarriages and never got past six weeks,’ Carissa said.

‘We eventually had tests done and worked out that one of my tubes was blocked and the fluids were coming back into my uterus, and it was basically like poison.

‘I had my tube removed, and then we found out that we also had male factor fertility issues.’

Clarissa believes that the issues with Dave’s fertility could be linked to his work, although she did not specify what he does for a living.


Ultimately he and Carissa resorted to ICSI IVF, and after one round, they got lucky and were soon expecting.

The 32-year-old added that after their one round of IVF, it was unfortunate that more embryos could not be frozen. But the couple was able to get an embryo, and two weeks later, Carissa became pregnant.

‘When I found out I was pregnant it was probably the best feeling I had ever felt in the world, second to holding him for the first time.’

Engineering planner Carissa, says the new family will be spending Christmas Day in hospital as Oliver experienced breathing problems shortly after birth.

Carissa says the new family will be spending Christmas Day in hospital as Oliver experienced breathing problems shortly after birth.

She said: “He was three weeks early and was born blue, his oxygen dropped to 20 per cent for nine minutes and he was then immediately intubated.

“He was worked on by nurses and doctors for three hours to stabilise him.

“Prior to when he left, all I was able to do was touch his chin with my finger so the fact I was able to hold him in my arms 30 hours later was nothing short of a miracle.

“Being able to hold Oliver for the first time was magical,” she added.

“He definitely has everybody wrapped around his finger.”

Carissa and Dave can’t wait to take their beautiful baby boy home once he’s strong enough.,

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