Bodybuilder Who Fell In Love With a Doll Marries Her | She Has A” Tender Soul Inside & Loves Georgian Cuisine.”


Having a doll isn’t something suspicious for a toddler. Probably little girls wish for a doll to play with and share things at their younger age. When time passes, the necessity of a doll is fade away. It is a bit odd if someone may still be willing to share things with a doll though they get older.

By proving love is blind, a Kazakhstan bodybuilder married has tied the knot with his beloved doll. Though it’s a bit odd, they engaged in 2019 and recently held a wedding ceremony. Even though we live in a world where people fell in love over features, qualities, and so many things, Yuri Tolochko fell in love with a doll that looks like a girl’s replacement.

 Yuri explained that he saw her in a bar with someone else, and he felt the connection instantly and succeeded in rescuing her from that man. He called this doll “Margo,” and she becomes a soul mate for him.


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