Angry wife climbed onto her husband’s car roof and then got funny ending


After arguing with her husband, the woman climbed the roof of the car and stomped her feet, which made people laugh.

The incident happened in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan province on July 7.

The image recorded from the traffic camera showed that a car was stopping at a red light when a woman wearing a white dress got off the car and standing on the top of a car. While repeatedly stamping on the roof, the woman cursed at her husband inside the car.

It is known that both the couple had a heated discussion in the car and the wife reacted by climbing onto the roof of the car. This woman stood on it for about 4 minutes, causing traffic to be affected. However, the husband still sat in the car and ignored his wife.

Police later arrived at the scene to deal with the incident. At this time, they discovered that the husband did not have a driver’s license, so they fined him 1,250 yuan (US$180). And the wife was warned for her thoughtless actions.

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