Adorable video of baby monkey caring for a brood of ducklings is melting hearts all over


A video of an animal on the internet is always lovely to see. What can top it? How about two baby animals, a fuzzy monkey caught spending the day with a family of ducklings.

The video ‘Baby monkey helps dad take care of ducks’ starts with a baby monkey playing around in the dirt by a brood of baby ducks. Sweet and calming music accompanies this adorable setting.

We get the opportunity to see one of the baby ducks trying to groom the monkey. The baby monkey pays off this laborious job with a pat on the head and a small kiss.

Throughout the video, we bear witness to how these unlikely companions spend a day with each other. You can see the baby monkey and the family of ducklings playing, eating, and even sneaking a little nap.

The yellow ducklings surround the wide-eyed grey monkey at all times. However, the baby monkey does not seem bothered by this intrusion and welcomes their company to explore the surrounding nature.

During various times of the video, you can see these fuzzy baby animals snuggling together in a friendly embrace between two different species. The video uploaded by the YouTube channel, Animals Home, seems to be part of a more extensive compilation of the many adventures that this grey-haired baby monkey has with various other animals.

The adventures of the baby ducks and the baby monkey have over 380 thousand likes and more than 65 million views on the platform. This video has the code for cuteness down to a pat.

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