A student can't find a babysitter, so the teacher offers to keep her little daughter for her during class

 Being a teacher is a difficult and extremely satisfying job at the same time, which doesn't simply mean explaining mathematics or history to your pupils, but creating a bond that goes beyond the mere instruction. After parents, teachers are the first figures to give an example of responsibility and education and this is why their actions seem so important to us. This professor, for example, held a student's daughter in his arms for the duration of his lesson, for the sole purpose of allowing his pupil to study and concentrate. Unfortunately, the young woman hadn't found a suitable babysitter.

Student Ludmila Disante published a post on her Facebook page to praise the actions of her teacher, a kind and sensitive man. The teacher, who in turn is the father of five children and, therefore, decidedly expert in managing small children, held Ludmila's daughter in his arms for the whole duration of the lesson. "I thank this teacher for holding my daughter in my place while I studied," commented the girl under the photo which, of course, went viral within minutes.

The moving gesture took place in a school in Brandsen, Argentina, and the man who caught everyone's attention is Federico Tenreyro, professor of Economics and Politics.

The young woman was supposed to do an exam that day, but she had found no one to entrust her 3-month-old baby to. Even without a babysitter, the woman nevertheless showed up and the teacher himself offered her help in class. Since she trusted the teacher and he himself has not one, but five children, the young mother was happy to entrust her daughter to him for those few hours. The professor said he held the baby in his arms until the young woman finished the test: "I felt very happy".

A kind and disinterested gesture, which makes us hope for a better world and makes us wish that our children and grandchildren meet teachers of this type!

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