Would you like to see the most beautiful and glorious birds in the world?


We can definitely come to the conclusion that birds captivate us all. Since ancient times, their aerodynamics, their migratory routes, their gestures, plumage and colors have been studied.

They have been the inspiration for writing, graphic representations and even movies. Birds are related not only to beauty and majesty, but also to desires for freedom.

And, many of us envy its ability to fly through the air and especially its beauty. So, in this article, go a list of the most beautiful and majestic birds in the world. Be dazzled!

1.- Gouldian finch.

2.- Blue and Yellow Macaw.

3.- Wilson's Bird of Paradise.

4.- Royal Bird of Paradise.

5.- Gouldian finch.

6.- Chinese Golden Pheasant.

7.- Quetzal.

8.- Tocororo.

9.- Blue jay.

10.- Tanager of Paradise.

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