People Were Stunned When This WW2 Tank Was Pulled Out Of The Lake

The T-34/76 Tank was designed in 1940 in the Soviet Union as a multi-purpose vehicle, intended to take advantage of breakthroughs in enemy lines. These powerful tanks were given to the best units, the elite Red Guards battalions. Over 50,000 of them were produced and were used in the WW2 battles, but it‘s pretty rare to find T34s in such good condition.

Some people spotted this vehicle in the pond and called the specialists. The video below shows the dramatic process of pulling out this WW2 giant. After the tank was on the surface, it was identified it was a T-34/76 produced at the Stalingrad Tractor Factory. In fact, most of such tanks were found in rivers or ponds. Probably, they had been lost in attempts to cross the water by a floating pontoon bridge under enemy fire, or by a winter ice crossing.

This particular tank is really well-preserved. It seems like the history of WW2 lives in it.

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