Gynecologists Warn: 6 Menstrual Problems You Should Never Ignore

Women should especially pay attention if they have problems with their period and problems during the menstrual cycle. The gynecologists advise women not to ignore these irregular symptoms. Missed cycle, excessive or reduced bleeding can be caused by serious problems. Below you can find out which symptoms are sigh that you should visit a gynecologist.

Absent Menstruation

If the menstrual cycle is skipped more than once and you aren’t pregnant you need to check it out. It might be due to hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, excessive workouts or diet, stress or even premature menopause. You should also do a blood test to check the hormone levels and the thyroid, and your doctor might suggest checking for polycystic ovaries.

Sudden and intensive cramps

If your cramps cause you unbearable pain, you might suffer from endometriosis. The endometriosis is a health condition in which those cells that grow inside of your uterus are beginning to grow from the external wall and they can cause abnormal and bad pain. The symptoms can appear any time, and most of those women that are diagnosed with this problem, generally had painful menstruation from the youngest years.

Abnormal bleeding

When taking birth control pills, excessive bleeding in between cycles can be normal. But you should still check with your doctor and be sure. If this is not the case you may be suffering from fibroids, have ovarian cyst or even pre cancer cells.

Excessive bleeding or cycle that lasts more than 10 days
What should be considered as excessive bleeding? If you need to change hygienic pads every hour than you may have excessive bleeding. This can be a sign of some medical conditions as fibroids, polyps or adenomyosis (where the endometric tissue grows inside the muscle walls of the uterus) and they cause anemia. You must immediately see a doctor as they are serious medical conditions.

Unbearable symptoms of PMS

Premenstrual dysphonic disorder is much worse condition than the classical PMS. It characterizes with abnormal appetite, great anxiety, mood swings, depression, and loss of control. These symptoms can be very unpleasant, but with taking antidepressants for 2 weeks or 1 month, it can make a huge difference.

“Distressed” hormones

Some medical conditions can worsen significantly during the period. For example, if you suffer from asthma and you feel quite bad one week before the period you should be aware that it is not a coincidence. Premenstrual magnification is a condition which is responsible for this and diabetes, arthritis and depression can get much worse before the menstrual cycle. If you want to reduce the symptoms consult your doctor and he/she will prescribe you some medicines which will help you.

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