Jeannine Pirro BLASTS Hillary Clinton for Killing Erik Trump’s Charity For Kids Dying Of Cancer [VIDEO]

Erik Trump has donated millions to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Where they care for sick children, they are the last hope for worried families whose children have terminal diseases. They are literally doing God’s work.

So, it would take a selfish, corrupt devil like Hillary Clinton to shut it down.

Judge Jeannine Pirro, saddened by another Clinton travesty, took to the airwaves to blast demon Hillary

“Because someone, Hillary Clinton, lined their own pockets from their so-called charity, laundering money from foreign governments and oligarchs under the guise of starting a presidential library, but actually seeking to pay lawyers and sexual harassment judgments, those children supported by Trump’s foundation lost,” Pirro said.

She went on,

“The foundation ceased operations Christmas Eve, a night when many children dream of Santa Claus bringing them toys, while other less-fortunate youngsters dream of a painless chemotherapy procedure or blood transfusion.”

“Children who hoped an angel would come with a gift, not of toys, but the gift of life, all because of a young man named Eric, lost that night.”

“Scrooge and the Ghosts of Clintons’ Past” visited the Eric Trump Foundation.”

Pirro went on contrasting trump’s foundation from Clinton’s

“No charity money was used to fly around in private jets.”

So, a real charity has to close because liberal hysteria while a slush fund like Hillary’s gets to stay open?

Source: Worldnewspolitics, Credit;
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