This nasty face zit explodes from the first cut, and it acts like a volcano when it keeps exploding

There are many different levels of disgusting that people can deal with before they begin to feel seriously grossed out, and I’ll be d***ed if this video doesn’t pass them all. Being no stranger to those awkward teenage years you probably know just how nasty a zit can be, but you’ll barely be able to believe what you see in the video below. Somehow this young man had a large cyst on his face that grew until it was about the size of a golf ball, that’s when he decided to seek some professional help.

You’ve probably seen Dr. Sandra Lee’s videos and think you know what to expect here, but you really don’t.

When Dr. Pablo Trochez was asked to perform the surgery he asked the 22-year-old man if he could record the procedure and got the go ahead; so he set up his camera and got to work. The exact moment he breaks through the skin the built up liquid shot out, but it’s when he starts squeezing that bubble it starts squirting out chunks of dead skin cells that look exactly like groups of maggots! Even after the first few chunks spurt out that zit had festered for so long that there was a ways to go still.
At least the guy didn’t try to pop it at home by himself, there’s no way he could have gotten all that cleaned out solo. Luckily it doesn’t appear as though the site was infected, but it could have been had he made the attempt.
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