This infected tattoo leaks so much pus it needs several towels to clean up the goo

Tattoos are many different things to many different people. Some people like to use them as a form of self expression, giving clues as to who they are without having to ask; others use them for more spiritual reasons and many others simply got them from a drunken accident. Regardless of why anyone has their art done there’s still one common interest we should all share – clean tattoo parlors.

That means when you walk into a place and the cleanest thing you can see aren’t the sharp needles about to penetrate your skin, you might want to consider heading somewhere else. Without the upmost standards in cleanliness you’re running the risk of a pretty serious infection, just take the guy in the video below as your prime example.

This poor guy got a tattoo, one he was undoubtedly proud of and one he spent a good chunk of change on, but it ended up getting infected. Eventually the pain was too much to bear and he needed to get it popped, but you’ll never expect the amount of ooze that continually rushes out of his back.
It’s understandable wanting to find the best deals around, but when those deals are due to a sacrifice in health and safety standards then it’s simply not worth it. I would normally say that I hope the guy at least gets a free touch up after that, but I’m not sure if returning would be such a good idea…
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