They Form A Human Christmas Tree. But Their Following Move Took The Crowd’s Breath Away

During the opening ceremony of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, a spectacular performance took place that will definitely blow you away! Five-hundred people dancing in the sky? Yes, indeed!

The stadium is dark, the lights shine, scattering across the audience, then fluorescent beams drop down to center arena. The acrobats begin to rise up from the stage. Higher and higher they go – several stories high! The formation builds, they are lifted up and spread out and before you know it, it’s a human Christmas tree!

Other dancers are moving in-sync while surrounding the aerialists up above. There is constant change happening between both the lights and the performers creating mystifying illusion! Then there’s the finale. Effects are in play as we see a lightning bolt and then a fireball! Truly amazing and one of those must-see performances to really believe how creative the human body can truly be when performed in such a spellbinding fashion as this! Share with friends and family!
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