Terrified Deer Goes Limp In Hunter’s Arms When It Realizes He’s There To Rescue Him

Once hunting season starts, the deer has a whole new challenge in front of them – staying out of the crosshairs! The sounds of guns teeing off all around them means the season is indeed on. They run off and take cover. But what happens when you accidentally come face to face with a human in camo? It’s one of the bad luck moments.

Well, most of the time it is. Here we have a situation where the hunter/deer relationship took a much different turn. A dash cam showed a hunter stop his car as he saw a buck with his hoof tangled up in a fence. Well, of course this was easy pickings for the hunter, right? Wrong.

Turns out the hunter examined his leg and saw that he wasn’t too injured. He then freed the deer! Not what many would expect, but indeed it’s what happened.

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