Michelle Rips Trump For Lewd Remarks Yet White House Has Audacity To Threaten Trump If He “Engages” First Lady

Michelle Obama spoke to the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia this past summer and her talk was centered around women. She focused on female role models, as well as raising her daughters. She received much praise for the speech and has since been said to be one of the best Clinton surrogates on the campaign trail during the last weeks of the election.

With Donald Trump’s 11-year-old lewd and crude comments surfacing, Mrs. Obama has now taken her speeches to the level of high moral authority to which we all must bow down to. Indeed she has been a huge hit with the Democrat voters, drawing enormous crowds, far larger than the actual candidate herself, Hillary.

Trump’s words, according to Michelle, “shook her to the core” while simply not standing up to the “basic standards of human decency.” Media had a field day and praised her up and down for her wonderful words. The same words that apparently all her supporters, her household, and most all Americans have never heard, rarely observed and certainly never have used.

The First Couple are of course good friends with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who produce and perform lyrics far from the clean, straight, and narrow. And of course the two performers are big money donors.

“Ho’s and bitches” are apparently okay lyrics for the Obama daughters to listen to, while graphic sex act descriptions are given. Yet the woman who saluted a performance to the Black Panthers during the Super Bowl half-time show “could not be a better role model for my girls.”

Common, the rapper from Chicago, was stated as Michelle’s favorite “poet” while being honored at the White House. A listen to his lyrics reveals sexually explicit verse as well as the use of the N-word.

All of this doesn’t even begin to touch on the behavior and real world actions of Hillary’s husband. Michelle is wonderfully campaigning for the woman, whose husband is about as scum-baggy as they get. Yes, the class act known as Bill Clinton. With multiple affairs lasting several years all culminating in the ultimate final act involving a 20-year-old intern right inside the oval office, you have to wonder if Michelle is equally “shook to the core” by the actual actions of Hillary’s own husband. And of course it was the women that Hillary spent years and years placing the blame on.

But of course, no mention of this by Michelle. Instead, it is Donald Trump, who is the bad guy. Any criticizing that The Donald has of the First Lady, will not be tolerated as White House press secretary Eric Schultz gave out the warning: “I can’t think of a bolder way for Donald Trump to lose even more standing than he already has than by engaging the first lady of the United States.” Yet all it would take is the argument of hypocritically campaigning for a woman who’s husband has committed so many lewd acts while married, over and over and over.

It’s yet another classic spin on the “decency test”. One in which leaked comments spark absolute outrage, while a history of grade A indecent behavior has gone on for decades with Hillary and her husband.
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