Bride Tragically Dies in a Helicopter Crash in an Attempt to ‘Surprise’ Her Groom

There were 300 guests at the wedding but only about six of them knew about the surprise.

Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding. From the flowers, to the dress and suit, to the limousine used by the newlyweds—everything should be perfect and unique. Sadly, in an attempt to surprise her groom by arriving at the church in a helicopter, 32-yearold Rosemere do Nascimento Silva died in a tragic crash.

Rosemere had planned to surprise her fiancé and 300 guests by swooping in to their reception in a rural area on the outskirts of Sao Paulo in Brazil. But due to bad weather and in a horrendous twist of fate, the aircraft crashed en route to the venue, killing the bride-to-be, her brother, the pilot and a photographer who was six-months-pregnant.

Her groom, Udirley Damasceno, was waiting nervously at the altar. He started to feel anxious as his bride was hasn’t showed up yet. The event organizer, Carlos Eduardo Batista, grew anxious as the bride was a no-show. He then called the aircraft company, who told him that the helicopter left on time.

Several minutes later, the company called Carlos and told him that the helicopter had crashed, killing everybody in it. He then contacted the pastor and went with him to tell Damasceno about the tragic news.
Carlos said: “I called the pastor who was at the ceremony and he went with me to communicate to try to calm the groom.

“He was in shock. Then the other guests [about 300] knew and no one knew how to act. It was a tragedy. ”

Police and air crash investigators are now trying to establish what caused the crash. They are looking into reports that it might have hit a tree during bad visibility with rain, fog and cloud.

The accident was only discovered when it was realised the helicopter did not arrive at a nearby football field.

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