Terminate soldiers that cut open dog with knife and laughed about it!

It is deeply saddening to view such distressing photos, therefore I am asking for your help so these cruel soldiers can be tracked down and punished for their sick deeds. There is absolutely no excuse for their actions and I sincerely hope justice can be served as soon as possible.

The soldiers in the photos are believed to be enrolled in the Bolivian army (Ejército Boliviano as it is known). Unfortunately, the original posters which are making the rounds on Facebook do not stipulate any additional information, such as the names of these cowardly soldiers or which military unit they belong to.
Exclusive: Punish man that beat up defenseless dog in fit of rage!

Two soldiers initially immobilize the defenseless animal and threat to slash him with a knive; they pose for photos with a big smile on their face. However, one of their colleagues was profoundly displeased with their lack of action and decides to take matters into his own hands: the dog is therefore tied up against a pole and viciously cut open, as another group of soldiers stands nearby and takes photos. None of them intervenes and the attacker is allowed to cut the dog into pieces without blinking.

The actions of these vile soldiers are outrageous and unacceptable and certainly are a disgrace for the entire nation. These people are supposed to exhibit the highest moral fiber and must always be an example of bravery. They have showed the entire world they are nothing but cowards and have no conscience.

In the light of these developments, it is obvious that these soldiers should not be serving in the military anymore. We, the undersigned, demand that the soldiers are identified and discharghed from the army as soon as possible. We sincerely hope our voice will not be ignored and the people in power will show the entire nation that such actions against innocent animals will not be tolerated!

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