Remember This Viral Photo Of Parents Who Had 6 Babies? This Is How They Look Now!

Different photos go viral on the internet these days and this one such photo which had gone viral six years ago. Do you remember it? Well, if you do, you might be wondering how they are now? I imagine they must be looking so alike standing in a row, right? Well, the photo was heart-touching back then and till now it is!
This was the picture which had gone viral.
The name of the parents of the six babies are Mia and Rozonno McGhee
They gained huge popularity and even a TV show came out.
This TV show was inspired by this family. The show focuses on the love life of McGhee and the emotional and physical abuse they go through, but still in the end manage to love each other.
Now according to recent news they wanted to surprise their fans.
What came out was a recreated photograph with all the six kids, all grown up a bit.
The six kids, four boys and two girls, look so adorable together.
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H/T: Zeppfeed
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