Man Found A Decaying Mermaid’s Body On The Beach. Is This A Proof They Actually Exist?

Mermaids’ existence has been a subject of debate among believers and skeptics for quite long time. However, if you found a half human-half fish on a beach, I bet you’ll probably believe they exist. While walking on a beach in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Paul Jones and his friends saw this… At first, they thought it was just a huge dead fish but they were baffled when they took a closer look. It wasn’t a normal fish! The decaying creature has a human-shaped skull, arms, and a fish tail.
Could this be a mermaid? No one knows what exactly it is, or if it is a real mermaid or not. It might be an early Halloween prank but the question is – who’s responsible for it?

However as the photo went viral after being posted on Facebook by Paul Jones, many are assuming that it was him and his gang who are behind. Based on Paul’s profile he is as an extreme modeler. That explains a lot!
There are numerous reports of mermaid sightings around the world, though none of them has been proven.
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