A man went into his ex-wife’s house with a rifle. When you see what he did next, you’ll be shocked!

Rachael Moore lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her five children ranging in age from two to 14 years old. Her three oldest children are from a previous marriage that ended when Rachael left to escape her violent husband.
When Rachael met Daryl a few years later, she decided to try again. The couple fell in love and spent seven happy years together raising Rachael’s three children from her first marriage and two of their own. All of the kids considered Daryl their dad and by all accounts he was a patient and loving father. But one day, to everyone’s surprise, Daryl had a violent outburst and physically assaulted Rachael. It was a single incident, but Rachael had vowed never to be a victim of domestic violence again. She ended the relationship immediately and told Daryl that he had to leave.
The couple managed to maintain a relationship for the sake of the children. They lived separately but were still in contact and everything seemed to be working out for the best. But after a while Rachael noticed that Daryl’s behavior started to change. One day he tried to call her several times and left menacing messages. Later that evening when Rachael heard car tires screeching into her driveway, she knew exactly who it was. Knowing that things were about to turn ugly, Rachael took the children with her into a room to hide. As they cowered in the room they could hear the front door burst open and then the sound of Daryl’s heavy footsteps as he wandered through the house.
When Daryl entered the room the family was shocked to see that he was carrying a rifle. Rachael tried to reason with him and calm him down, but Daryl wasn’t listening. He raised the rifle and shot Rachael twice in the arm which left her unconscious. But amazingly, just when it seemed that all hope was lost, Rachael’s three oldest children sprang into action.
Cameron, only 12 years old, was the first to react. He punched Daryl in the stomach and managed to disarm him and then ran outside with the rifle to hide it. At that point Jayden, age 12, took over and subdued Daryl with a choke hold. When Cameron came back into the room, the two brothers stopped Daryl once and for all by knocking him unconscious. During all of this, 10-year-old Kayla was able to pull her mother out of the room to safety, bandage her wounds and call the police.
Thanks to her children’s unbelievable bravery, Rachael survived the attack and Daryl is now in custody awaiting trial for attempted murder.
Rachael was taken to a hospital and at first it wasn’t clear whether or not her arm would have to be amputated, but after several operations her arm was saved. The day after the horrible ordeal Rachael finally saw her children again and was able to thank them for saving her life. If not for their incredible courage, Rachael would probably not be here today.
Watch Rachael and her children telling this incredible story in their own words in this video:

Rachael’s children received Pride of Australia courage medals for their heroism but they rarely think about themselves when they remember that fateful night. Instead they think about their mother and what could have happened to her. They are all emotionally scarred, but they are also still alive. And together they can move on and become a happy family once more.

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