Wife Discovers Her Teacher Husband Had Affair With Student In Their Bed

BBC worker Cerys Shore found out her teacher husband of only a year had sex with a 17-year-old student in their marital home while she was working.

Computer Sciences master Richard Shore, 30, had an affair with his female student from Radyr Comprehensive School in Cardiff, South Wales, after bonding on a school trip to California.

The affair was sexual but both parties also declared their love for one another as their relationship quickly progressed after they returned from the trip.

The two were spotted going jogging alone whilst on the school trip, and then developed a texting relationship, with the student saved on Mr Shore’s phone as ‘Learner A’, before having sex “five or six” times, according to the Sun.

The school where Richard Shore worked as an IT teacher:
Radyr Comprehensive School reception
Cerys made education chiefs aware of Mr Shore’s affair after he confessed during an argument, and he has since been suspended and found to be unfit to practice by the disciplinary hearing.

The Fitness to Practise Committee indefinitely removed Mr Shore from the teaching register meaning he cannot reapply for five years.

Presenting officer Carys Williams told the hearing:

When they returned from the trip to California their contact escalated by way of texts and it led to a full romantic and intimate relationship.

It was clearly an inappropriate relationship and it is clear that the actions of Mr Shore that his actions were sexually motivated.

His conduct constituted unacceptable professional conduct.
Social worker Theresa Derbeyshire (CORR) told that hearing that the girl told her that she was in love with Mr Shore even though she knew he was married.

She said: “The girl said sex took place at his house and her mother’s house. The relationship was physical and sexual.”

Since the hearing, his brother Adam Shore, a lecturer at Swansea University, said that Richard had cut off links with people in the United Kingdom and was last known to be in the Middle East.

He said: “It is a matter for him.”

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