When the son goes to visit his father’s grave, he finds the dog like this — a heartbreaking scene.

Zozo is a dog from Turkey and his story proves just how deeply some animals feel. Zozo's owner passed away in February 2014 and since then, the dog has been extremely depressed. Even though Zozo was taken in by his owner's family members, they can tell he's really suffering. When the dead man's son went to visit his father's grave, he found this:
Zozo was lying on top of his owner's grave in an attempt to be as close to his best friend as possible. This dog has remained loyal even after death. Zozo and the man's son have visited this grave site before, but the dog goes every single day, rain or shine, to honor his favorite human at his final resting place.
What a heartbreaking tale that really does prove the special bond between a man and his dog.
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