Teenage Prankster Convicted Of Domestic Terrorism; Sentenced 25 Years To Life In A Federal Prison

This teen pulled the wrong prank. Now he’s going to jail for terrorism…

#1 15-Year-Old Convicted For Domestic Terrorism

He’s just 15 years old. But now Paul Horner is going to jail for 25 years for domestic terrorism.

#2 Calling In Fake Murders

This online gamer called in multiple false bomb threats and murders to his online gaming rivals. The authorities are taking a much firmer stance on this now, and they have no sympathy for the teen.

#3 Why They Do This

“Swatting” is the term online trolls use to describe a nasty kind of attack where they obtain their enemies IP address, and thereby their home address, before calling in the SWAT team to their house. It’s become a trend and authorities say it must stop.

#4 Wasting The Police’s Time And Money

Swatting has become more and more popular since 2013. It uses up a lot of Police money, and risks innocent people getting shot.

#5 Why Paul Horner Was Arrested

Paul Horner was arrested because he was playing Battlefield 4 and, after getting beaten by another player, he called in a SWAT attack on this person. When the SWAT team arrived, this other player’s father was critically injured after being shot by the SWAT team. This was in part because of what Paul said to the police when he called in his fake murder. He said, ‘I just shot and killed four people. If any police enter my home I will kill them too.’

#6 Judge Had No Mercy

The judge had no mercy for this gamer. He needed to made an example of so people didn’t try this “prank” again in the future.

#7 People React

Now this story is going viral. People are beginning to understand that this isn’t such a funny prank after all…
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