Man beats the snot out of creepy clown with a baseball bat

The clown craze continues to run rampant and is now spreading to other countries. Videos have sprung up all over the place regarding creepy clowns showing up out of the blue and terrorizing people. It’s gotten to the point where some people are getting so freaked out, and pissed-off, that they end up getting violent with the clowns. Case in point is this recent incident coming out of Sydney, Australia.

A car encounters a creepy clown on the side of the road and rather than speed up and get away, he pulls over and confronts the bat wielding clown. The clown isn’t so creepy anymore as he drops his bat and backs up. But the driver isn’t going to stop there. He ends up beating the clown to a pulp and then taking off!

Was this justified? Some say the clown backed off, but then others say that the clown provoked the whole thing to begin with. Check it out and see what you think. Share with friends to get their take on this clown beating video!

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