Woman Ordered Ribs But Claimed Chinese Restaurant Gave Her Cooked Dog Paws Instead!

There’s a highly negative stigma associated with Chinese food and Asian food in general, that they tend to use dog meat instead of what they’re claiming to sell. It’s something that of course has happened in the past, but these days if you even so much as suspect that’s what’s happening you could end up completely ruining a restaurant over your own misconception. 

When you think about it, that’s whole families that’ll have to figure something else out all due to you being wrong. So when Ashley Jefferson ordered some spare ribs from a place called China Palace and got what appeared to be dog paws she was absolutely horrified and immediately took to the internet with this video.

Ever since then people have either been sympathetic towards her or downright hateful for offering no definitive proof that it was in fact a paw, when most of the things she attributed to it can be explained by sinew and ligaments in the ribs. It wasn’t long before things got so bad that the restaurant had to actually defend itself against the accusations.
As if posting their shipment inventory page wasn’t enough, they persevered on and provided documentation from the Department of Health even stating there was no dog meat to be found anywhere in their restaurant.
Thankfully no long-term damage seems to have come about for the restaurant, and Ashley has once again taken to social media apologizing for her mistake.
Things could have ended much worse off than they did here, but at the very least at least Ashley had the humility to admit where she had been wrong. Hopefully she did apologize to the owners themselves and things worked out for both sides in the end, but I don’t think she’ll be eating there any longer regardless.

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