The Thought Of Elephants Walking Into A Hotel Might Seem Fictional, But You Might Want To See This!

Something keeps happening in Zambia, and it’s now breaking the internet. It happens each year, with some elephants taking a leisurely walk in and out of the Mfuwe Lodge. This Zambian lodge is one of Africa’s nicest places to be, and the fact that even wild animals realize that makes it even more attractive.

But you might be tempted to think that these massive mammals just come to take a walk in the lodge and then walk out with nothing, and then I come along and let you know that these cuties are always in for a nice bite. It so happens that some mangoes grow at the lodge grounds, and the elephants really love those juicy fruits, so they take a walk around the facility as they take their soft bites into the mangoes.

The nicer part of it is that the lodge management has no problem with friendly elephants spending some quality time within the cool facility, so they just feel favored to receive these wild guests.

Watch as the elephants walk around in the loveliest show of elegance a good animal can muster. It’s so lovely watching this!
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