Man Slaps At The Baby, Now Watch What The Cat Does. (WATCH)

When family members are threatened, it’s usually the dog who comes to protect. Especially when it comes to babies, dogs have a keen sense that the little one is fragile, unprotected and vulnerable.

It turns out that cats have protective capabilities as well, as witnessed in this video. Here we have a man who is playing with his baby, making him laugh by lightly hitting the car seat. The cat doesn’t see it that way though. It blocks the child from further potential harm while attacking the man’s arm! While the man tries to push the cat away, this makes it worse. The cat jumps up and bites him in the arm! Now the man seems to be more humored by the cat than the laughing baby!

See what happens in the video:
Good for the cat for trying to protect the baby! The cat doesn’t know that the guy is only playing, and is relentless at not giving up as it continues to go after the guy! SHARE this great video with all of your friends and family!

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