Insane Man Jumps Off 173-Foot Waterfall, Gets Knocked Out, Nearly Dies

Vacations aren’t always everything you crack them up to be, and that’s something Californian Shiloh Shahan learned while on a trip to the beautiful island of Kauai. While there he decided to hit up the famous 173-foot-tall Wailua Falls for some fun jumping and swimming when everything turned south at the drop of a dime. Psyching himself up for the stunt was the only way to do it because falling from a height that insane isn’t something a human being is normally meant to do, but hey, life is short right? With his confidence up he carefully but quickly heads to the cliff’s edge and jumps forward, quickly descending towards the pool of water below.

Unfortunately that’s about when something went wrong – the moment he hit the water’s surface he was knocked unconscious and his friend feared the worst. With 173 feet separating him from his friend there was nothing he could do but worry, but luckily there were a couple other tourists down by the water below who managed to pull Shiloh out.
After being treated Shiloh discovered he’d suffered a concussion as well as a few torn muscles in his back and his chest, but nothing too serious came of it thankfully. Maybe next time he’ll pick some of the smaller cliffs to hit up, or maybe he’ll decide to skip the cliff jumping entirely, either way that’s a painful way to spend some time in Hawaii.

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