What the experienced 21-year-old in her pregnancy, she is tough on the net. Because they can no longer hear the sayings easily.

As 21-year-old Raye Lee, United States, her son brought a Caesarean section, she did not think how hard it would be. Again and again she got to hear how quickly and safely is a such an intervention. With this performance she wants now and for all times to clean up and published for this purpose a hard-hitting report on Facebook, along with photos of their surgery scar:

,Oh. A caesarean section? So you were not a real birth. It must have been nice to choose the easy way out. '

Ah yes. My emergency Caesarean was a totally comfortable affair. It was totally convenient to be 38 hours in labor before my baby was dyspnea and him at every woe literally the heart skip.

Only told to get that I showed progress and no cesarean need ... to get and then told that you provide for me for a serious abdominal surgery. Not about for the reason that it physically could not be helped, because I had no chance to save my child's life. Oh, and by this engagement not you recover yes me you anything.

NOT CORRECT. That was sarcastic.

That was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I am now one of those putting mothers with the scar, which proves that a baby was cut out of me and I should be glad to be alive (just imagine: you can actually die in the process).

A screeching baby is fetched from an incision that is only 12 cm long, but the cut is gefleddert and pulled until it breaks all the layers of fat, muscle and organs (which they put on the table next to your body, so that they with can continue the incision until they reach your child) - this is a radically different experience than I had imagined it for the birth of my son.

You need your core muscles handy for anything ... even to sit. Imagine that they can not use because it was literally torn and mangled by a doctor who is no prospect that they heal in 6 weeks (longer and) because your body must create naturally.

If this is asking a nurse you, to try to get out of bed and the biting pain of your torn and patched body goes you through and through, you realize the irony of easy way ', all of the talk. Therefore I give a shit about you and whether you understand what I've done.

I am the strongest woman I know. Not only for myself but also for my wonderful son ... and honestly, I would go through every day again the same thing, just so I can see him smile. "
With its drastic choice of words and the blunt description Raye has spoken many mothers from the heart that they are suffering precisely this trivialization of caesarean section. Rayes report is one more reason to salute this strong, "tough" women.

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