This is the Lowest Flying Jet Site In The World

I think we can all agree that jets are some of the coolest inventions to hit the skies, ever – and will likely continue to be for a long while yet.

Even still, it’s not everyday when you get to see these bad boys in action, and it’s even more rare to see them up close while they’re doing it – but I’ll bet you didn’t know there’s spots across the globe where jets can fly low and fast? The best part is that some of these places are open to any visitors who’d like to take their chance at one of he best unknown shows on earth!

This area is called “Mach Loop” and is located in northern Wales; some people report seeing around 30 low-flying jets in a single day! You’ve got to consider how the pilots must feel though, it’s probably one of the best confidence boosters to see small crowds of people cheering as you zip by in your monster machine. We may not all be able to live that moment, but we can all go and be a part of one where you feel the raw power from their movements – and it looks like an incredible experience you won’t want to miss out on.
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