The mother has to bury her son. But five years later, she sees the face of a stranger and understands everything at once.

Although the history of the American couple Dave and Jane Daulton like a fairy tale ending, it begins with a tragedy. In 1984, the two have already 5 children and are very happy on the birth of her sixth child Tommy.
Soon, however, it turns out that her son will come with the Down syndrome in the world. Dave and Jane decide to have the child anyway. Although life is not always easy with him, rejoice over the little sunshine in their lives and love him just as their 5 other children.
But a short time later the fate strikes again when her 4-year-old son Brian has to undergo an operation. He responds with an allergic reaction to the anesthetic used and falls into a coma. Three days later he died in hospital. The whole family is hit hard, but they know that they have to be there for her other children.
So take a few years in which the family slowly recovers from the shock. The 5 children are grown without any further problems. In 1990, however, happens suddenly something unusual: Jane has 3 nights in a row the same strange dream: She sees a baby with Down syndrome and can clearly feel that the child needs her help. The dream it seems like a sign: The next day she calls her husband Dave on at an adoption agency.
There they learn that just a family has come off from the preparatory course for a planned adoption, so that they come on the same evening and almost "jump in" to. So they get to know the little Ben, who has come just as their youngest son Tommy, with Down syndrome on the world. They immediately fall in love with the little boy. Even when they hear that Ben has a congenital heart defect, it can not be diverted from an adoption. 
They are very tense, as Ben has to undergo because of this heart defect surgery. The memory of her son Brian's fate is still very strong. But Ben survives and is a happy 28-year-old man today.
For Jane and Dave is the confirmation and the appeal that they should help even more children with Down syndrome. They little Emily and a short time later in 1995 to adopt another girl with the pretty name Lani, who is now 15 years of age.
Always greater is their family, especially when they learn that in Ukraine many orphans have no chance and need a nice home. You hear from Anya and adopt as the first American couple a Ukrainian child with Down syndrome.
Later, they still take Jack and Philip and Marina and Molly in her family.
Over the years, is from the "small" family a real communities become, with 15 children! The Daultons really are a very special family. Some of their children have now started her own family, but also to their "special" children are everyday incredibly proud.
Together, they are very happy. Dave and Jane know that they have found in this way their purpose in life.

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