The man takes revenge in the worst way when he finds out this dog chewed through one of his shoes

This story is hard to digest. Cola, a 9-month-old puppy from Bangkok, Thailand, was doing what all puppies love to do: Chewing on his neighbor's shoe. The dog's owner offered generous financial reimbursement for the damage, but the neighbor was blind with revenge. One night he took a sword and chopped Cola's front legs off, leaving the puppy all alone on the ground.

Facebook/Soi Dog FoundationCola lost a lot of blood and was left fighting for his life. When the animal rescue organization "Soi Dog Foundation" (SDF) finally got to him, it was too late to save his legs. But somehow Cola came back from his terrible injury. The dog learned how to hop around on his back legs like a kangaroo. SDF didn't just save his life, they also made sure that the cruel man who did this to him faced justice. Even though he claimed it was an accident, the man was sentenced to a month in jail.

Facebook/Soi Dog FoundationCola's original owner couldn't bear to take him back, so SDF members John Dalley and his wife, Gill, took the dog home with them.

Facebook/Soi Dog FoundationThings just kept getting better and better: SDF gave Cola the best gift imaginable: prostheses! Cola would now be able to run around again and hopefully better process the trauma of his injuries.

Facebook/Soi Dog FoundationThis connected Cola and his new owner, Gill, in a unique way: She also had a prosthesis! Gill had contracted a virus from another dog she had rescued. The virus attacked her legs and both eventually had to be amputated, but she could never stop saving dogs' lives.

Facebook/ John DalleyTogether with Gill and John, Cola can enjoy a life free of fear and pain. Amazing that this pup, who has experienced so much trauma, can still be so light-hearted and trusting.
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