Makeup-Free Adele Posts Apology Video To Fans After She’s Too Sick To Go On Stage, Cancels Show

We all know Adele as one of the most down-to-earth celebrities around. Yes, she’s beautiful and has the voice of an actual angel, but she doesn’t seem to notice these things about herself in the same way that her fans do.

Seriously, listening to any of her albums on repeat is like sitting through a really good therapy session. She’s that good.

Pretty much everyone is an Adele fan — even the most unlikely people. Just check out this rookie police officer who accidentally recorded himself belting along to the singer’s huge hit ‘”Hello.”

Yes, he might be a tough police officer, but he also knows a good song when he hears it. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t relate to Adele’s unique way of getting her emotions across.

But voice aside, one thing that everyone can appreciate about Adele is that she seems to be a genuinely good person. She always comes across as a funny, normal woman — which isn’t something that can be said for all pop stars.

Adele is also pretty good at showing her fans some love and appreciation from time to time. She truly seems to care that she maintains a good relationship with them.

So, this week, when the singer came down with a wicked cold and was forced to cancel her concert in Phoenix, AZ, she didn’t leave it to management to spread the word — she did it herself.

And of course, in the most real way possible.

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