Family goes to the shelter to get a new cat. What they find instead has them all in tears!

When a family's 10-year-old cat went missing, the little boy was very upset. When their other cat passed away as well, 5-year-old Ronnie was inconsolable. His parents decided it was time to get a new pet, so they picked one from the shelter's website, and then went to go pick it up. But they got a big surprise:
"A family in northern England lost their 10-year-old cat Phoenix 18 months ago, and put up fliers all over their neighborhood. But they couldn't find him. Michelle Humber says her 5-year-old son Ronnie was devastated. Then their OTHER cat died last month. So they decided to get Ronnie a new cat, and picked one out at a local shelter. But when they went to pick it up last weekend, their OLD cat was sitting in the cage right next to it.
First Ronnie noticed that it looked a lot like Phoenix... then they realized it WAS Phoenix. Michelle says he got really excited, then got pretty emotional. There's a photo of him standing next to the cage crying while he pets it. It turns out someone brought Phoenix in about two months ago, and he'd just been put up for adoption. His microchip was registered under an old address and phone number. So there was no way for the shelter to track his family down. Luckily, Ronnie and his mom showed up before someone else picked him."
This beautiful reunion has an important lesson! Please remember to update your pet's microchip information when you move!

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