When you wake up late to go to the bathroom, keep one eye closed for this reason I never knew

Here are some very cool body tricks that can speed up the healing process. These can be used to help treat a variety of common ailments.
Keep One Eye Closed
Awesome trick and so simple! While going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, keep one eye closed.
Dr. Mercola claims that exposure to bright light on the retina, can actually trick the brain to think it is morning or daytime. So if you have trouble getting back to sleep after using the bathroom at night, give this a try as you will readjust to the darkness much quicker and thus be able to fall back asleep quicker.
Roll Your Neck
We’ve all had limbs which “fall asleep” suddenly. Apparently this is because nerves have been compressed and are not getting enough oxygen. Most of us will shake our arm and to try and “wake it up”. Instead, roll your head to the back of your neck. The nerves in your neck go straight down your arm to your hand where the numbness is. It will not work for your feet though.
Hiccups, Hiccups And More Hiccups
Hiccups can be seriously annoying, and trying to get rid of them can be extremely frustrating. When the diaphragm spasms, the air you breath in and out is interrupted by vocal cords which creates the hiccup sound. Try opening your mouth and reflexively swallow. Keep swallowing for a few moments, keeping your mouth open. This should calm the spasms in the diaphragm, eliminating the hiccups!
Hold Back The Tears
We’ve all been there. Emotions take over and you start crying! You may be watching a movie with your bros and all of a sudden a sad part comes along and you embarrassingly find yourself balling! You need to hold those tears back and to do that look around and find objects to stare at. Name the color of each object, one at at a time, and slowly. This concentration calms your breathing and heart rate, thus preventing the tears from flowing!
Pull Your Ear
Rubbing your temples can ease a headache, but pulling your ear can work better. Hold the meat part of the ear and pull out and back very gently. The temporal bone is moved, allowing fresh cerebral-spinal fluid in. This cleanses and nourishes the area, while providing relief.
Afraid Of Needles?
Having blood drawn or getting a shot is a huge anxiety problem for many people. German researcher Taras Usichenko found out that coughing while getting poked with a needle can actually trick the body into feeling no pain. Not sure why exactly it works, but work it does!
Thaw Your Brain!
Eat ice cream too fast and you know what happens. Brain freeze! Your brain wants to protect itself as a surge of cold enters and a sudden loss of heat occurs. According to Dr. Michael Sinkin, you can get rid of brain freeze by simply warming the roof of your mouth with your tongue.
Swallow Pills With Ease
You have big pills and naturally they are going to be hard for some people to swallow. According to Dr. Mercola there is a simple trick for swallowing pills. Put the pill in your mouth, take a sip of water, and lean your head forward, while you are swallowing. What this does is kick your body’s reflexes into action as it moves the pill to the back of your throat, allowing painless swallowing.
Check out the video to find ways on how to easily clear up an itchy throat.
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