This is the True Face of Humanity, Selfless Love

By now most of you may have heard of the tragedy to take place in Dallas and how devastating it’s been for the morale of the entire country.

People all over the globe were stuck, glued to the newsfeeds in awe as more and more officers continued to lose their lives in the line of duty. Reports were coming out only half as quick as the rumors, but when the pictures began circulating there was a single one among them that deserves recognition along with the deceased.
In the image there’s a rather large and diverse group of people standing guard around a small carriage with an even smaller baby inside as the sniper rounds went off, all to protect the innocent life being endangered by someone else’s agenda.
Nate Homan is a former reporter for the Boston Metro, and it’s nice to see he feels the same way about this image as many others of us do – humbled. Here we have a group of people, most likely strangers before this incident, standing close together in an effort to become a bullet sponge for the little life behind them if need be. I can’t even begin to imagine how brave those people are for brazenly risking their lives, all for the sake of another.
This is the type of world I want to live in; one where when faced with a terrible and horrifying situation, we’d risk it all for each other. Officers Lorne Ahrens, Michael Smith, Michael Krol, Patrick Zamarripa and Brent Thompson all died at the hands of a man who put his own desires in front of the lives of others. When you throw the motivation and agenda behind the attack away for a second and recognize these were five human lives lost, the sobering duality between the image and the loss can set in.
We as a collective whole have to strive towards making this world a place where our children will be safe in, otherwise what’s the point?
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