These tourist stand on a flimsy raft in the middle of hungry croc filled waters

Life is so full of wonders and adventures that you could spend your whole time on this earth trying to get through it all and you wouldn’t even get close to seeing all of it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

With that being said, there’s definitely more than a few you might want to reconsider attempting to get to at all, and of those one of them would be standing on a flimsy raft with dozens of people right in the middle of crocodile infested waters. Sure, crocodiles and alligators both look incredibly cool, but if you know anything about them you’d understand just how quick and dangerous they can be – especially if you’ve got multiple lines out with food for them.
This group of Chinese tourists decided to say “screw the danger” and went to Thailand’s Anachak Chang Pattaya to be surrounded by many hungry crocs solely to feed them. Now, of all the adventures life has to offer this has to be one of the craziest ones I’ve ever heard of, but Elephant Park is known for this event and sees enough tourism to keep it going. Would you want to be on a raft that small and flimsy looking while surrounded by hundreds of large and hungry giant lizards?

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