These are the worst leggings fails you’ll ever see. Who walks out of the house like this?

Leggings have been hugely popular with women, and as you are about to see, with some men too. Yet with every trend, there is the question, “what happens when a trend gets pushed to the extreme?”

You are about to find out exactly that. When leggings are pushed, or in this case, squeezed to the extreme, the results are flat out mind boggling. What the hell are these people thinking? Are you really going to wear skin colored leggings? Have you taken a look at how your leggings appear from the backside? These are some major league legging fails which will have you scratching your head, and probably laughing your head off as well. They are that bad!
Check these out!
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Yeah, so they may be comfortable. But these people are trading in major humiliation for a little comfort? Just wear some sweat pants! Unbelievable. Share these legging fails with all of your friends and family!
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