She Was Past Her Due Date And Nothing Would Get The Baby Out. So She Did THIS…

Jess is a woman who has had to endure 38 grueling weeks of pregnancy carrying not one, but two babies in her now-massive belly!

Her lucky family is currently past-due for two adorable little twins; that poor woman has done everything she could to make them want to come say hello, but nothing worked regardless of how many times she tried.  She was suffering through contractions for sixteen weeks and had fourteen mucus plugs done before now, but her little babies just weren’t ready. So Jess, like any other woman coming to her wit’s end, decided she was ready to try just about anything no matter how ridiculous it seemed. She picked dancing.

I can’t say I’ll ever experience what giving birth would feel like, but I can say that with a belly that large that poor woman’s back must be killing her! I can’t even begin to imagine how much more difficult just walking around be carrying twins for 38 weeks, so for her sake I hope they wake up soon. Has anyone else ever had any luck with this method before?
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