High school senior graduates early so her dying mom can be there

In 2014, Megan Suggs was a senior at Glen Burnie High School in Maryland. Her mother, Darlene, had been fighting a battle with colorectal cancer for three and a half years, and about a month before Megan was set to graduate, her health took a turn for the worse. When this happened, Megan's father contacted the school, and staff worked quickly to make sure Darlene would be able to see her daughter graduate.
Facebook/Megan Sugg
Principal Vickie Plitt's mother is also battling cancer, and she often talked with Megan about Darlene. "I know how proud her mom is of her and we really wanted to give her family a special time," she told the local newspaper. "And to really honor Megan, because as much as she's had going on, she's pushed through and is going to graduate high school."
So sad yet so beautiful!
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