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A very useful thing you can do for your health is drinking lemon water before you have your breakfast.
That will help you eliminate the harmful toxins and hydrate your body very quickly.
It will also help you enrich your body with important nutrients like: magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, proteins, carbohydrates, pectin fibers and vitamins A, C and B complex.
Lemon is abundant in citric acid which has excellent antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.
This will boost your immune system and help you fight against infections such as flu and the common cold.
You can prepare hot lemon water by squeezing fresh natural lemon into a cup of hot water and adding some honey for taste and flavor.
The Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Lemon Water
1. It Helps Your Digestion
Hot lemon water can help you stimulate the liver to generate more bile which improves digestion.
This drink can also help you in cases of constipation and indigestion issues.
2. Lemon Water Is Great When You Want To Shed Weight
The pectin fibers in lemon helps give you the feeling of satiety which is good for fighting off food cravings and hunger pangs.
You also alkalize you stomach when you consume a mixture of lemon and raw natural honey in hot water. This is helpful because you will also lose weight.
3. Ideal For Smooth, Clear Skin
You can purify your blood and create new blood cells. Drinking a glass of lemon juice in hot water every day before your breakfast is going to help you with your skin appearance.
4. It Boosts Your Immune System
You will increase your body’s propensity to absorb iron and vitamin C which strengthens and boosts your body’s immune system respectively to fight off infections like flu and the common cold.
5. Lemon Juice In Hot Water Improves Your Breath
Consuming lemon and lemon water frequently helps you fight off the bacteria that causes bad breath. Your mouth will be clean and you will generate more saliva that destroys the bad breath causing bacteria.
6. Lemon Water Helps To Regulate Your Body’s pH Levels
The ascorbic and citric acid helps you stabilize your body’s pH levels.
If your body is acidic for a long, it will be subjected to serious health risks. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice to alkalize and regulate your body’s pH levels.
7. Boost Your Energy Levels
Lemon is rich in energy boosting minerals and vitamins such as phosphorus, vitamins B and C.
Your body is refreshed and your energy level is significantly increased.
8. It Is Great For Throat Infections
Drinking lemon in hot water first thing in the morning and before breakfast will help you fight off throat infections and even tonsillitis. This happens because of the excellent antibacterial properties of this citrus fruit.
9. It Helps To Regulate High Blood Pressure
Lemon can hydrate and clean your lymphatic system.
Potassium found in lemon is great for relieving stress and helping with your mental functions as well as sleep.
When you are well rested, you’ll have a more regulated blood pressure.
10. It Helps To Flush Out Your Urinary Tract
Lemon water is a very powerful diuretic. You’ll urinate more often and flush out bacteria from your urinary tract. That will make you infection-free. In this way, it regulates the pH level and makes it difficult for the growth and proliferation of bad bacteria in your urinary tract.
So, start your day with a glass of hot water and lemon drink! Enjoy its health benefits to the fullest!
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