You Will Be Shocked To See How These Women Steals From All Over The World!

Stealing something obviously shouldn’t be your main go-to when you want something,
but if you’re going to do it then at least make it entertaining for the rest of us, like the women in the video below. Thanks to CCTV footage from all across the globe we can get a look at some of the crafty (and downright ingenious) ways these women have managed to earn a five-finger discount.

I mean, if you’re planning on stealing something expensive, then you should at least scope out the targets first, right? Isn’t that thief movie 101 at this point? And wouldn’t you expect any decent retailer to have cameras around anyways? Man, while some of the women did pull off some pretty insane jobs, I feel that more could have gotten away with more with a little more thought and planning behind it… Maybe a plan?
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