Watch This! A Woman Got Surprised After She Touched The Guy’s ‘Down There’

An Interesting game show of late 90’s “Don’t Forget Your toothbrush” , which was adapted in American version as “What’s under My Kilt” is back in news these days. The show was adapted in several countries in 90’s time with their own versions.
Trending now days is video from “What’s under my kilt” , which has four handsome hunks wearing kilts, and a woman who is blindfolded. The idea of the game is that the blindfolded girl has to guess what is under the kilt of each guy by touching.

She Is Afraid She Might Touch The Guy’s Private Parts
This gets hilarious as she is too nervous to do this, she is afraid she might touch the guy’s private parts. While she gets the correct guess on the three guys, it gets embarrassing for her to tell what she felt was under the kilt of the fourth guy. As the audience know it already she is unaware that the fourth person is her boyfriend.
Check out to find what was beneath the fourth guy’s kilt, it is too hilarious and funny that it will send you ROFL!

What’s Under My Kilt (Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush!)

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