The stomach of this 705 lb teenager gets shrunk to the size of an egg

15 year-old Jacob Miller is in hospital in Cincinnati, USA. The teenager is in urgent need of surgery. With this surgical intervention, the doctors aim to solve his physical problem that has accompanied Jacob since birth - extreme obesity.   He's only 15 but weighs a whopping 705 lbs.
Youtube/Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Even though Jacob was a premature baby, he weighed in at 12 lbs at birth. At just 12 months, he weighs 52 lbs, and if this isn't enough, each year, he continues to put on an additional 100 lbs on average. By the time he reaches 15, he is an astounding 705 lbs and an incredible 6'5" tall.
Facebook/Jacob Miller
His parents worry about their son's health and rightly so. Too much excess weight is a real strain on his internal organs. The list of medical troubles he has are endless: Cardiovascular and respiratory problems, fatty liver, swollen legs and diabetes - Jacob's obesity is slowly starting to kill him. The Millers are desperately looking for an answer to these problems for their son.
Youtube/Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Jacob's obesity is not a result of a lack of self-control. The doctors put his being overweight down to a congenital hormone disorder, but finding a suitable therapy could take up to 15 years. At the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, they recommend Jacob undergo a gastric bypass, in other words a stomach reduction. Leading up to the operation, Jacob has his work cut out for him and has to go on a strict diet in order to lose weight. Right before the medical intervention, Jacob manages to lose 77 lbs. Jacob's operation took place on July 15th, 2013. 
Youtube/Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
After 3 1/2 hours, Jacob survives the operation. The surgeons reduce his stomach to the size of an egg to limit his calorie intake. Of course he has to change his diet completely and start doing exercise to lose some pounds. The rocky path Jacob is on is long and arduous. But he is helped along by dieticians and physiotherapists as well as his family and friends.
Youtube/Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Three months after his operation, Jacob goes back to school, where his classmates are speechless about his transformation. In such a short space of time, he managed to lose around 150 lbs! Everyone is proud of him and Jacob is touched that his friends stood by him, like he says, "through thick and thin". Below you see the before (left) and one year after the operation (right) pics.
Youtube/Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
You can tell that Jacob is funny and liked a lot by all his classmates. It's no wonder that behind this larger exterior, lies a fine, smart teenager, who is witty and endearing in nature. At a school ball, Jacob works up the courage to ask a girl to dance with him for the first time in his life, something quite unthinkable to him a year ago. His dance partner knows that the strong-willed Jacob makes for excellent company and is happy to go with him.Facebook/Jacob Miller
Here you can see Jacob's documented transformation: 
Despite all medical advancements, there is still no treatment for abnormal obesity. But Jacob is leading the way with his transformation. Who knows what he will look like when he is 18. Let's just keep our fingers crossed for him that despite any setbacks or difficulties he perseveres and doesn't let anything drag him back down. Keep up the good work, Jacob!
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